Friday, July 19, 2013

Enabler Alert - Clear Storage Cases

When I started using cling stamps, I started looking for storage. Inexpensive storage that didn't take up a lot of space.  I also wanted the kind that didn't have a "hub" (the round molded piece which holds a CD or DVD in place. I searched forever  and landed on King Jewel DVD cases.  They are the perfect size, thin and sturdy.

The BEST deal (and company) I found was from Tape On Line.  Their King Jewel DVD cases are just 88 cents each - with no minimum!  Shipping depends on quantity (weight), but is very reasonable priority shipping.  The cases are well packaged and shipped FAST.

King Jewel DVD cases

Prefer clear CD cases to store your stamps?  The price is 17 cents each (however, these are sold in lots of 200).  Still a great deal and if you didn't need that many, perhaps split with a crafting friend or two!
CD storage cases

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