My Crafty Place

My daughter painted this pretty canvas for my crafty place!

 My organized chaos!  (No, my desk usually is never this clear!)

  Yep, those are pepto pink walls.  The room was originally a play room.  Once my daughter grew out of a playroom, I was so excited to make it into a craft room that I just started moving things in and it has remained pepto pink for about 16 years now :)

  I'm so eclectic.  I see how folks organize with matching storage pieces and I 'ooh' and 'ahh'.  But when it comes time to reorganizing, I keep finding "things" I like (such as the black, tin storage boxes) or things that just work (like plastic shoe boxes).

I used to have all my clear stamp sets in clear DVD cases, but ran out of room (even after a major purge).  I decided to organize the sets and matching dies in 6x6 plastic zip bags and put a photocopy of the set in front.  I started with those companies I have the most sets from (like Reverse Confetti) and my coffee/tea sets.  I'm still working through this new system, but it has saved so much space.

I keep my embossing folders on the table with the Big Shot organized by type.

Die storage is a continuing work in progress!  I took 6x6 heavy cardboard and covered them with old pattern paper then placed magnetic tape strips on each and organized them by type.  I need to redo the cards that separate the types, but at least it's somewhat organized :)

 Years ago, I bought this pad/ink carousel.  It holds 96 pads/ink refills.  It takes up a lot of space, but I love it!
 I seem to need to see everything in order to know what I have :)  I placed a cork board on the front of the door leading into the room and have all my stencils on it.

At a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, my daughter and I came up with this idea for above my desk.  My DH helped us hang it all.  I need to paint or decorate the letters....some day!

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  1. Your room is Beautiful! I like to use vintage
    Bread boxes, vintage office file cabinets, and other vintage office desk accessories for storage.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Your room is WONDERFUL. I LOVE it Kathy!

  3. I love your crafting studio! So fun!

  4. I love your studio! Those pepto walls make me smile! I love my room to be my happy place. Mine is NEVER organized and I keep thinking one day I will put pictures of my room on my blog. I call my room the tepee! It is a hodge podge of things. I don't have all matchy things, either. I am totally eclectic, too! ENJOY! You do great things in this wonderful room! XX

  5. Thank you for the ideas to reorganize my space.

  6. DEar Kathy
    It is beautiful and organised. Mine too is somewhat orgniased and i know hwerfe and what is stored. That is all what matters and i am going gto be mobile in one month. Blessings to you and your family